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Art Exhibit and art Curation

Our seasoned Art Advisor will:

Curate private collections according to a set of objectives.

Identify “talents” who could potentially enrich a collection.

Look for specific works of Art in the international art community.

Buy and sell Art in the best conditions.

Place artworks in private environments.

Commission artistic installations (paintings, sculptures, murals, photographs, videos, etc.)

Manage artistic patrimony and wealth, and advise on tax optimization and wealth creation with a pro-active asset management strategy to grow and diversify artistic assets.

Organize private “meet the artist” events and dinners to personalize the acquisitions with the artists and collectors.

  • Transactional Advice

  • Collection Advice

  • Art Fairs

  • Art Galleries

  • Museums

  • Art Hotels

  • Art Talks & Conferences

  • Art Dinners

  • Art Markets

  • Online Art

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